Gruppo Pedrollo: winner of the 2022 Leonardo Da Vinci Award


Gruppo Pedrollo: winner of the 2022 Leonardo Da Vinci Award

30 June 2022

This morning, framed in Venice’s splendour, the eleventh Leonardo da Vinci award was assigned to Gruppo Pedrollo. Luigi Brugnaro, mayor of Venice, presented the award to Giulio Pedrollo, the Group’s Managing Director.

“This day has a particularly deep meaning for me and my family: the Leonardo da Vinci Award is, in fact, the first international recognition assigned to Gruppo Pedrollo.

Although in the past the single companies belonging to the Group have received numerous awards, today, thanks also to the affirmation of our strategy of internal growth and external add-ons we are living an important page in our history which gratifies the wilfulness of family-run companies in the desire to transmit their heritage and their values to future generations”, affirms Giulio Pedrollo.

The award, co-founded by the Les Henokiens Association and the Château du ClosLucé, aims to promote family entrepreneurship as a model of dynamic and sustainable growth, reflecting the values of its creators.

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