Automatic booster system with inverter

DG-BLU is a cutting-edge, automatic pressurization system featuring a high-efficiency, self-priming pump with multiple impellers. It comes complete with a storage tank, pressure and flow sensors, and a check valve, all designed to work quietly and efficiently.
This compact powerhouse stands out for its advanced electronic inverter control, which intelligently manages the system performance by:
– keeping the pressure constant according to water usage;
– monitoring hydraulic and electrical conditions to safeguard against malfunctions;
– allowing for integration with another DG-BLU unit through an optional expansion card;
– adapting seamlessly to any type of pressurization system, even existing ones;
– reducing electrical consumption with lower startup and running currents, achieving greater energy efficiency.

Flow rate up to 130 l/min (7.8 m3/h)
Head up up to 60 m
Manometric suction head up to 8 m
Liquid temperature between -10 °C and +40 °C
Ambient temperature between -10 °C and +40 °C
Maximum working pressure 10 bar
Ingress protection rating IP X4

Technical documentation