Fixed speed booster sets

CB2 is a pressurization system featuring two pumps assembled in a unit, ready for connection to the water mains or a primary collection tank. Controlled by mechanical pressure switches, CB2 ensures automatic activation of one or both pumps in response to increased user demand, optimizing water supply and minimizing electricity consumption. The system's electronic circuitry facilitates automatic pump switching during start/ stop cycles and provides protection against potential faults.

Flow rate up to 900 l/min (54 m3/h)
Head up up to 113 m
Liquid temperature between 5 °C and +55 °C
Ambient temperature between 5 °C and +40 °C
Max. pressure in the pump body – 10 bar for CB2-2CP (6 bar 2CP25/130)
– 7 bar for CB2-CR
– 11 bar for CB2-FCR/MK
– 16 bar for CB2-HT
Power supply Single-phase 1~230V Three-phase 3~400V
Motor 2 poles

Technical documentation