Spring of Data is a software for selecting electric pumps according to requested pump performance.

Spring of Data is a simple and immediate tool: once the type of electric pump (surface, submersible, etc..) or the application are identified, all you need to do is entering the flow rate and head values required by the system (operating point) and all Pedrollo products that meet this specific duty point will be displayed.

Want to narrow down your search area? Using filters and filling in additional parameters will allow you to reduce the list of electric pumps obtained as a result.

The possibility of comparing several products will further facilitate your choice.

Once your selection is complete, it is possible to print out a data sheet containing data, curves, materials and dimensions of the selected electric pump.

The software is free and registering is no obligation, however, the best way to work with Spring of Data is by creating an account, which will enable you to
- get additional information / charts
- use the flow and head calculators according to the characteristics of the system
- have an area dedicated to managing and saving projects.

Please note that you can also register via: Google, Facebook, LinkedIn.

Over time, Spring of Data will be implemented with further functionalities and the database will be kept constantly updated.

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