Pumps with inverter

TISSEL 200 are compact pumping units composed by a centrifugal pump, with an integrated speed regulator (inverter) complete with an external pressure sensing device to be installed in one point along the system.
Sturdy and very easy to use. They are the perfect solution to get a constant pressure in every tap of the system.
The integrated speed regulator has forced ventilation and an IP 54 protection grade. It receives a single-phase alternate voltage  (230±10% V - 50/60 Hz) and supplies a three-phase alternate output voltage which supplies the motor of the pump with an IE3 performance class.
The wear of the water pump components is reduced due to the low speed of the motor during its duty life and it is progressively started and stopped.

A significant energy savings in terms of low flow rates. It is like running a lower power pump.

- Dry running protection.
Stops the pump after a few seconds and tries to resume at intervals of time in order to check whether the water is present or not in the system.
- Running with a pressure inferior than the minimum pressure set.
Stops the pump after a few seconds (for example, when a pipe is broken).
- Currents – Voltages - Temperatures.
Limits the currents; complete with an alarm for out-of-limit voltages; protects from over-temperature and short-circuit between the output phases.

Typologie du liquide: Eau claire

Utilisations: domestique, bâtiment

Emplois: irrigation, exploitant d'eau, installation de surpression

typologie: pompes électriques avec inverseur

Famille: centrifuge

Champs des prestations:

  • Débit jusqu'à 200 l/min (12,0 m³/h)
  • Hauteur jusqu'à 110 m

Limites d'utilisation:

  • température du liquide jusqu'à +40 °C
  • Température ambiante jusqu'à +40 °C
  • Manometric suction lift up to:
   – 7 metres TS2-MK, TS2-CR
   – 9 metres TS2-PLURIJET
  • Max. working pressure:
   – 7 bar TS1-5CR 100
   – 10 bar TS2-MK, TS2-PLURIJET
  • Continuous service S1