Automatic pressurisation system with inverter

DG PED is an automatic pressurisation system with an inverter which integrates a built-in high efficiency self-priming pump, a accumulator tank, pressure and flow rate sensors and a non-return valve
DG PED is a compact autonomous quiet and high performance pumping system.
The sophisticated electronically controlled inverter, at the heart of the system, in an intuitive way:
• maintains the pressure of the installation constant by regulating the velocity of the pump in accordance with the water required;
• controls the hydraulic and electric operating parameters and protects the pump from abnormalities;
• can be equipped with an expansion card that makes it possible to work in parallel with other DG PED in the pumping groups and to manage input and output signals;
• it adapts to every type of pressurisation system, including existing ones;
• it limits the starting and operating currents in order to provide a greater saving of energy. 

Typologie du liquide: Eau claire

Utilisations: domestique, bâtiment

Emplois: exploitant d'eau, installation de surpression

typologie: pompes électriques avec inverseur

Famille: dg ped

Champs des prestations:

  • Débit jusqu'à 120 l/min (7,2 m³/h)
  • Hauteur jusqu'à 55 m