VXC /50-70

"VORTEX" Submersible pumps for sewage water

VXC series pumps, made from heavy gauge cast iron off ering exceptional sturdiness and abrasion resistance, come equipped with a VORTEX impeller and are therefore suitable for draining waste water containing suspended solids, sewage and water mixed with mud.

Liquid type: Sewage water

Uses: domestic, civil, industrial

Applications: drainage, dirty water - slightly solid particles, emptying tanks

typology: submersible

Family: submersible pumps

Performance Range:

  • Flow rate up to 1200 l/min (72,0 m³/h)
  • Head up to 16 m

Application Limit:

  • Temperature of the liquid to +40 °C
• 10 m maximum immersion depth
(with a sufficiently long power cable)
• Solids passage:
– up to Ø 50 mm for VXC 15-20-30/50
– up to Ø 70 mm for VXC 15-20-30/70
• Minimum immersion depth for continuous service:
– 390 mm for VXC 15-20-30/50
– 430 mm for VXC 15-20-30/70