Submersible drainage pumps for greywater

TEX electric sewage pumps offer a dependable solution for wastewater management. Primarily utilized in stationary setups to remove water from sumps, they are also suitable for portable applications, such as tanks, reservoirs, ditches, or during floods.
TEX pumps offer increased power and a larger clearance area, while the oversized motor prevents overheating even when operating without cover.
※ Key features include a spacious side drain for rapid water evacuation with minimal energy consumption.
※ Additionally, TEX pumps come equipped with a compact, integrated magnetic float switch that ensures complete electrical safety and enables usage in confined spaces, including sumps as small as 220 mm on each side.

Flow rate up to 240 l/min (14.4 m3/h)
Head up up to 10 m
Liquid temperature up to +40 °C(+90 °C for intermittent service up to 3 minutes)
Capable of processing suspended solids up to Ø 30 mm
Maximum operating depth below water level up to 5 m(with an appropriately sized power cable)
Draining capability 35 mm
Motor 2 poles
Ingress protection rating IP 68
Pump housing Technopolymer
Impeller NorylTM
Pump sleeve motore Stainless steel AISI 304
Shaft Stainless steel AISI 431

Technical documentation