SAR 250

Lift and collection stations

SAR 250 lift and collection stations are designed to handle clear water, rainwater, and wastewater from household and civil drains like washing machines, dishwashers, sinks, and toilets, especially in situations where connection to the main sewer system is im- practical or impossible due to distance or gravity constraints.
SAR 250 stations are compact and easy to install, suitable for floor or underground placement, both indoors and outdoors of multi-unit buildings.

Flow rate up to 650 l/min
Head up up to 26 m
Liquid temperature - up to +40°C
- up to +50°C (per RX)
Tank volume 250 liters
Collection pipe connection DN 110
Discharge pipe connection - 1 1/2"
- 1 1/4" (for TOP, RX)
- 2" (for VX /50)
Power cable 10 m
Ingress protection rating IP 68

Technical documentation