The future is innovation: FUTURE JET is born


Self-priming pumps with ejector were invented about 60 years ago.

This type of pump has achieved great success, mainly due to two factors:

– Self-priming capacity up to 9 m depth

– Pressure increase due to the internal recirculation of a part of the water already under pressure as the result by the impeller rotation.

On the other hand, the major limit of this pump is represented by its low flow rate, practically half of that one, obtainable with a classic centrifugal pump of equal power.

In fact, to obtain the same quantity of water with a classic JET pump it is necessary to take twice as long,  with a consequent double energy consumption.

This limit is now exceeded by the new FUTURE JET: the evolution of the classic selfpriming pump, created by our R&D department.

Thanks to an international patent, FUTURE JET is able to get the same pressure as a classic JET but doubling its flow rate, thus reducing energy consumption by up to 50%.


– An improved hydraulic efficiency;

– Up to 50% energy saving;

– Reduced turbulence for very stable pump operation;

– A better consumption/flow rate ratio.


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