FCR 15-30

Multi-stage centrifugal pumps

For quiet running and low power consumption these pumps are recommended for water supply and water pressurisation with booster sets, for industrial applications, irrigation systems, etc.

Very high performance thanks to an accurate fluid dynamic design. All the components of the pump are made of stainless steel with smooth surfaces which reduce friction losses and increase the efficiency.

With the multi-stage construction the operating noise is particularly reduced. The new concept electric motor, desgined to also operate with an inverter, has a balanced low noise operation. Efficiency Class IE3, Insulation Class F and Protection Class IP 55.

The pump components are made of high-thickness stamped stainless steel.
The mechanical seal in GRAPHITE-CERAMIC-EPDM allows reliable and regular operation for a long period of time.

Liquid type: Clean Water

Uses: civil, industrial

Applications: irrigation pumps, air conditioning systems, washing systems, water supply systems, pressure systems, water treatment plants

typology: surface

Family: multistage centrifugal

Performance Range:

  • Flow rate up to 800 l/min (48,0 m³/h)
  • Head up to 120 m

Application Limit:

  • Temperature of the liquid from -15 °C to +90 °C
  • Ambient Temperature to +40 °C
  • Manometric suction lift up to 7 m
  • Max. working pressure 12 bar
  • Continuous service S1