VX 50 - VX 65 - VX 80

VORTEX Tauchmotorpumpen

Made from stainless steel and exceptionally sturdy, abrasion-resistant, long-lasting, heavy- gauge cast iron, VX pumps are equipped with VORTEX type impellers, highly recommended for their reliability and low risk of clogging. These pumps are therefore suitable for draining foul, waste water, sewage, water mixed with solids, activated and putrid sludge.
Recommended in all installations for pumping sewage with suspend- ed solids (up to 80 mm in diameter), wastewater, rain water, liquid manure, municipal blackwater and industrial waste.
Suitable for installation in sewers, tunnels, excavations, canals, under- ground parking lots, etc.

Flüssigkeitsart: Abwasser

Einsatzbereich: gewerblich , industriell

Anwendungen: abwasserentsorgung, tankentleerung , entwässerung

Typologie: tauchpumpen

Familie: abwasser pumpen


  • Durchflussmenge bis zu 1800 l/min (108,0 m³/h)
  • Förderhöhe bis zu  26 m


  • Temperatur der Flüssigkeit bis +40 °C
  • 10 m maximum immersion depth below the water level (with a properly long power cable)
  • Passage of suspended solids:
   – up to Ø 50 mm for VX 50
   – up to Ø 65 mm for VX 65
   – up to Ø 80 mm for VX 80
  • 500 mm minimum immersion depth for continuous service