We made it... simple!

02/09/2021 We are proud to present the newborn in Pedrollo's house, the multifunction electronic board E.

Behind the minimal and elegant design that has always distinguished the aesthetics of Pedrollo products lies a product dedicated to the protection and control of electric pumps.

E1+E2: Five models, for systems with one or two electric pumps, single-phase or three-phase.

- 5 preset operating modes
- 1 customized mode

Suitable for:
-  Water supply
- Emptying tanks
- Pressure boost

 Get control of your pumps by:
- Electrical parameters
- Input signals

On request, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module, for remote control of the system. And with the self-learning function, the E panel recognizes the working parameters of the electric pump and makes life easier for the installer.