Pedrollo Awarded for its financial reliability and budget performance in the Triveneto

Pedrollo is the best company with an international vocation in  the Verona area , based on a check  of its management performance and financial reliability. 
This is also confirmed by the Cerved -Economic Studies Center, one of the leading analysts in the rating sector across Italy. 
Due to this performance  our company has obtained  the prestigious "Industria Felix - L'Italia che compete" 
reserved to Companies having  so-called "entrepreneurial excellence" on the basis of their virtuous balance sheets.
The award started  in 2015, according to the organizers "represents a recognition of the inventiveness, zeal and determination of anyone who has provided  their ability to set-up an organisation able to generate  copious and profitable fruits (this is what" felix "means) in terms of social well-being and economic progress ”.
The analysis is carried out with respect to the main parameters 
of the financial statements of the companies based in Italy. 
The award, received  by President Silvano Pedrollo, has been given  to 49 selected companies throughout Italian regions of Veneto, Trentino-Alto Adige and Friuli-Venezia Giulia.